Covid 19

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We've made some major changes to keep you safe:

Your well-being is the only reason we are even here. So we've revamped our entire way of doing things:

  • We've installed sanitation stations in every gathering place throughout the clinic. These include pumps for hand-sterilizing liquids and disinfecting wipe dispensers. In addition to our staff wiping down all contact surfaces between client visits, you are welcome to grab a wipe and use it before you touch anything - We find this just offers another layer of confidence.

  • We've ditched the long tables and replaced them with individual desks that are spaced 6 feet apart.

  • In keeping with social distancing - we've reduced our group size from 12 to 9.

  • We bought infrared touchless thermometers to monitor temperatures and fevers.

  • And we've added wearing protective gear (masks ) to our staff's already good hygiene practices.

  • We are also requiring mask wearing from everyone who enters our building.

  • We have free masks available.

  • We want you to focus on your recovery - not about being infected. These are just smart practices until this disease is eradicated.