Mind Redo

7320 State Route 108 #A, Wauseon, OHIO 43567

We are conveniently located in Northwest Ohio 1 Mile south (about 1 minute) from the Ohio Turnpike I80/I90 Wauseon Exit 34. 

(18 miles West of Toledo Airport Turnpike Entrance,  27 Miles east from Bryan, 32 Miles NE from Defiance and 15 Miles North of Napoleon.)

Our Vision/Mission Statement:  

We provide addiction, mental and behavioral health treatment services that are affordable and convenient. Patients are treated with dignity and respect in a warm and welcoming environment. 

Why we do it:  

Often the recovery process becomes just another daunting obstacle or challenge to manage. We believe instead, healing should enhance and improve one's life. This is why we offer so many options.  

To work at Mind Redo, our staff must satisfy three checkboxes:

☑ Compassionate - We've all chosen this profession to alleviate the suffering of others.

☑ Qualified - Meeting or exceeding state requirements - we are all fully licensed and certified.

☑ Accommodating - Who hasn't walked into an office, only to be greeted by someone that makes you feel like you are a bother? At Mind Redo, we want you to feel welcome - we understand that your success depends on trusting our staff and how comfortable you are with your treatment. 

Interested in joining our team?  We offer very competitive wages and flexible hours. 

If you hear a voice say  "You can't do it."

Reply with a smirk  "Watch me!"