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Benefits of an MAT Concierge Membership

If accepted as a Concierge Member - you will embark on an entire life redo. At your disposal is our complete licensed and professional team offering support and services for: Medical (MAT), Psych-Ed Therapy and Life Coaching. Our clients know that if they weren’t spending it on recovery - they would be spending much more than $95 monthly on their addiction. Its easy math.

❇ Mind Redo accepts most insurance.

❇ If you have NO Insurance, or you have an extremely high deductible and copays - you might want to consider our Cash-Pay Option? *All inclusive services for $225!

*Cash option includes monthly: Dr. consult, Exam (vitals & urinalysis), 2 Psych-Ed Groups, Online Coaching class and individual correspondences with your personal life coach.

*Unlike others that charge more for first month, your cost of remains the same, even though we include additional Mental Health Assessment, Induction, plus 1 additional Dr. Visit with UA.

❇ Concierge Membership fees are in addition to insurance reimbursement*.

*Does Include Group Counseling co-pays (no additional out of pocket for groups).

Why Doesn't Mind Redo Provide IOP

Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) is very cost effective for a clinic, but very demanding for the client. Mind Redo would have a much greater profit margin if we insisted that our client’s come four times per week instead of just once per week. But, not everyone needs that level of care. Instead - we offer a concierge membership that provides more services at a fraction of the time restraint and cost.

We carefully follow the State of Ohio MAT (Suboxone) regulations providing a treatment plan that allows you to be more in charge of your own recovery. This is more time efficient. And, while not necessarily the best for our bottom line, we think its the best option for patients who still function and have productive lives.

Benefits of Individual Concierge Membership

For clients not struggling with addiction:

If you are suffering from depression or anxiety or another issue, our licensed staff is always here to help. Click here to learn more about Mind Redo's counseling services.

Non-MAT clients also have the option to be a concierge member. Because clients without addiction are not part of the MAT program, and don't require the same level of care, the concierge membership cost is reduced accordingly.

❇ Membership fees for non-MAT clients are $25 per month. Concierge services include one (1) online coaching class with two (2) correspondences per month with your own personal Life Coach.

❇ Mind Redo accepts most insurance.

❇ Concierge Membership fees are in addition to insurance reimbursement and do not effect insurance deductibles and co-payments.

❇ If you have NO insurance or catastrophic Insurance with high deductible - you may opt for the cash plan of $125 per month. This includes two individual counseling sessions and one (1) online coaching class with two (2) correspondences per month with your Life Coach.