What is Concierge?

In the health services world "a concierge membership" means you receive benefits that are not covered by insurance. Concierge perks offer special services that are not available to anyone else. 

At Mind Redo we believe in treating the whole person, and sometimes this includes areas of your life that are just not recognized as a covered service by your insurance company.  To remedy this, our Concierge Membership includes tuition free online coaching classes. 

Coaching Classes Include:

 ↷ Health & Wellness

 ↷ Friends & Family

 ↷ Significant Other

 ↷ Personal Growth/Spirituality

 ↷ Home Environment

 ↷ Fun & Leisure

 ↷ Career

 ↷ Money/finance

Do I have to take a coaching class?

Coaching classes are totally optional.  While our members benefit greatly from the life-improvement skills mentioned above, they certainly are not mandatory. 

Please know that the Concierge membership fees do not change if you opt out of the class. It's like enrolling at a gym - you pay your dues to get fit whether you show up or not.