Mind Redo Coaching

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Coaching Classes are offered to our members at no extra charge. 

As in sports - your coach is here to motivate and inspire you; to challenge, support and to celebrate your victories with you. Your coach is on your side and is your own personal cheerleader for your life!

Coaching VS Counseling

How is life coaching different from mental health counseling? Both are goal oriented & support growth and change - however, there are some fundamental differences which actually compliment one another:

Mind Redo Life Coaching posits that life can be categorized into 8 main areas.  Each category needs to be balanced and fulfilled for a happy and well adjusted life. Categories can be enhanced by making small and manageable improvements.  These incremental steps provide huge overall goal results - achieved at a steady non-threatening pace.

  Classes are based on Wheel of Life Categories

You choose which area of your life needs improve-ment.

↷  Each class has  5-7 skills you can master.

↷  Expect Maximum impact - minimum effort.

↷  Classes are designed to be completed in about a month;

↷  However -  You achieve at your own pace.

We'd like to offer you this 100% guarantee: 

If you keep doing what you've always done,

You'll keep getting what you've always got!

↷ How Mind Redo Life Coaching Works

Mind Redo Life Coaching is offered via online classes (E-Coaching) and is included with Mind Redo Concierge Memberships. 

As mentioned,  coaching focuses on goals and removing external barriers in order to enhance your life; its a practical approach using a system of inquiry for achievement (it’s not intended for emotional issues, mental disorders or crisis). 

↷ What to expect: Assess, Life Hacks, SMART Goals & Action Plans

Coaching uses a system of inquiry to establish your personal vision; how to design the life you want in just 4 easy and fun steps: 

Step 1.   Category Areas- You decide with help from an assessment to analyze which category needs the most attention.

Step 2.  Life-Hacks with Brainstorming ideas, benefits & Solutions (smaller steps within the category)

Step 3.  SMART Goals - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely; clarifies importance, direction, motivation and focus

Step 4.  Action Plan - Transform your goals into reality.  This is the nuts and bolts of Mind Redo coaching. It will give you: 

 ↷ a clear vision of what you want to achieve 

 ↷ a step by step process

 ↷ benchmark your progress 

 ↷ and celebrate your success!

There are also other built-in tools specific for each category. Providing a buffet of objectives to choose from, they are designed to inspire and motivate you into tangible results.  To get started - just Contact Us and let us know you want to join your Coaching Class (at no extra charge).

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Click here to learn why E-Coaching is so effective:

By making just one small incremental change, letting that sink in, then make another - before long, your life is going to look entirely different!

Mind Redo Coaching Classroom:

                                            “Be brave enough to suck at trying something new!”

Talk about brave - Look at you taking on a Life Redo! So many people are never happy or fulfilled, but are either afraid to change or don’t know how.  You are embarking on an amazing journey that will transform your life! 

Mind Redo Life Coaching is a concierge service offered to our members. It is set up within Google Classroom as an electronic/online class. *YOU DO NEED GMAIL*  You will receive easy to follow step by step instructions that will talk you through joining and navigating in your e-classroom.  Once you get in there and play for a bit, it will all make more sense. Like anything new, you might feel a little confused while you are learning your way around, but it really is quite simple once you get going. If you get stuck once in your classroom, refer back to the instructional, and there are a ton of Youtube videos for students as well. 

As in all classrooms (and just like psycho-educational groups) you will know who other classmates are. They will not be able to see what you are working on, just that you’ve signed up for that particular class. If you want to be anonymous (to your classmates, not your coach) you can create a gmail address that does not have any identifiers. This address should be used with all of your Mind Redo accounts.

As you’ll see when you enter a class, there are 3 tabs across the top “Stream” “Classwork” and “People”. When you enter a class, you’ll first see the “Stream” page; think of this as a kind of social media where everyone sees and shares posts (however, they cannot see your “Private Comments” to your coach). This can be a great way to encourage others and share ideas with people in your class. Be careful what you share because everyone can see it. 

The tab “Classwork” is where your Life Hack assignments live, and “People” are of course, your classmates.

Joining a classroom and managing your Life Hacks is very easy and the same steps apply for both the smartphone app and if you’re accessing it via the PC. Again, you will receive instructions once you join your Mind Redo Classroom. 

This Coaching Classroom is a service offered to our members at no extra charge.  Just Contact Us letting us know you want to join, and you will receive an invitation and instructions for your first class.