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Be armed with the perfect combo - when you combine medication for your symptoms and therapy for skills and strategies - nothing can stop you!


  • Scripts to stop cravings and withdrawal

  • Just twice a month! (no daily meetings)

  • Your recovery is our priority.

  • Treatment that fits your hectic schedule.

We specialize in medication management for ADHD, Depression & Anxiety. To see if you or yours suffers from any of these, check out our free on line scored questionnaires on the Services page.

At Mind Redo - We get that your circumstances are unique. Not everyone needs daily meetings or a strict regimented program.

We offer options that cater to your your schedule and availability, your budget and required care.

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It's time to redo you!

Just one mile/minute from the Ohio Turnpike

I-80/90 Exit 34 (Wauseon St Rt 108)

18 miles West of Toledo Airport Turnpike Entrance

27 Miles east from Bryan

32 Miles NE from Defiance and 15 Miles North of Napoleon

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Concierge Mental Health - An integrated approach improving every aspect of your life! (click the down arrow to learn more)

We get the demands of work and family - we do our best to accommodate your schedule and other commitments.

Imagine a life redo - where all the broken pieces are repaired; all the pain others have inflicted on you are no longer a primary influence, and the shame you carry from the damage you've caused is replaced with self-respect and dignity. You deserve these things - You are worth the individualized and preferential treatment that a concierge membership has to offer.

We believe that treatment should enhance your life, not disrupt it.

We aren't another big chain owned by an impersonal out-of-town corporation.

We're a small clinic in rural Ohio; so we understand how valuable and important your trust in us is - we don't take our relationship with you for granted. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

Regarding your Mental Health - Consider This:

Just as your immune system will break down if constantly insulted by unhealthy exposures, the strength of one's mental resiliency also becomes more fragile with continual beatings from stress or trauma. This can actually alter the brain's chemistry effecting how it functions.

More so than almost any other disability or infliction, mental health carries such a stigma in our society - the belief that an imbalance in the brain's chemistry is somehow the patient's fault.

Imagine a system that is focused on creating how an individual can thrive in spite of these obstacles. At Mind Redo, we've designed solutions that tackle the issue at not just a biological level, but also at the psychological, social, physical, and emotional aspects - addressing the entire person as a whole.

Our purpose is to promote a healing environment that fosters care and inclusion. Our clients play an active role in decision-making and in their own progress! We want you to be involved in your own wellness. Recognizing that clients are the experts of their own lived experiences, Mind Redo goes above and beyond being client-centered to being client-empowered.

At Mind Redo, you work at a pace that is comfortable for you. You'll be given the opportunity to try new strategies and tackle your problems from a fresh perspective - you'll be exposed to a different mindset that strengthens your approach to the challenges you face.