A Mind Redo 

For Addiction

"Addiction is a kind of hell. It's like being a hungry ghost, wandering through life in constant craving and suffering."

Don't suffer - you can stop without getting sick!

Hassle-Free Suboxone & Vivitrol Prescriptions

Affordable recovery that fits your busy schedule.

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✩ With Fentanyl lacing - more people are dying. Even marijuana can be laced! Stop buying street drugs that could kill you!

    Mind Redo has a truly unique approach to addiction: 

↷  We understand that for recovery to last, it has to fit into your life. 

↷  Your world should be enhanced by treatment, not disrupted.

↷  The demands (work, family, etc.) of your life needs to be considered. 

 Convenience is the solution!

Let's tackle this burden together so you can 

become the best version of you. 

Whatever your apprehension, whatever your struggles - we get it. You are not the only one who's made mistakes, botched things up, ruined relationships and finances, the list goes on.  

Everyone has overcome something and at some point, needed a hand up.

It's time for a redo!  Call us at 419-285-6655.

Let the healing begin!

✔  MAT - Medication Assisted Treatment (Suboxone) 

✔  Combined with Psycho-Educational Therapy

✔  No IOP - Choose a program that's as unique as your needs

✔  Payment Options - Insurance accepted or self-pay

*  Just 2 visits per month!

You Decide...

At Mind Redo - We get that your circumstances are unique. Not everyone needs daily meetings or a strict regimented program. 

We offer options that cater to your your schedule and availability, your budget and required care.