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What to Expect...

Why is Mind Redo Different?

 One privilege of your Concierge Membership is that treatment is minimally invasive and travels a path of least restriction.

  👉  Customized Therapy Attendance!

With your life as our priority - we realize that your schedule is time sensitive. Many programs insist that you attend Intensive Outpatient (IOP) 3 to 4 times per week. Of course we realize that some people need this type of structure to succeed and enrolling in an IOP is the perfect option for them. However, if your commitments to work, family, etc., have kept you from getting help - Mind Redo might be your answer.

 👉  Fits into your life!

This perfect balance offers you peer support, therapeutic and medical care along with personal accountability. We know that if you don’t implement your new skills in your own world, you will not see results and will become frustrated and disenchanted with your treatment program.

 👉  Be more independent!

Our psycho-educational groups are packed full of tools and skills that you will implement through assignments during your own time (in between therapy sessions). Typical assignments may be: practicing a new behavioral skill or mindfulness technique, journaling or trying a relationship strategy. This reduces your attendance significantly (VS the demands of IOP). During your initial intake month however, you will have extra visits for your assessment and induction.

What can I expect - What will my appointments look like? 

Almost everyone is apprehensive when beginning something new. So the following will walk you through your first month - by then you'll have the hang of things.

What to expect from your first month at Mind Redo:

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⏰ Once you are an established and stabilized patient at Mind Redo - your visits will be about 1 - 1½ hours. However, your first visits at Mind Redo will take quite a bit longer than subsequent visits.  (Your punctuality affects the schedule of everyone after you, so we ask that everyone be considerate. That said, if someone is late to their appointment - we don’t make you (who is on time) wait. Instead, the late one may have to wait for an available opening or reschedule). 

As a client entering our care, you will receive an individualized treatment plan developed by our team of licensed and certified experts - this is established by doing the following: 

1  Your First Visit:  You will first complete the usual forms required for care. (To make this even more convenient for you - we can email you links to these forms to be completed online, shortening your first visit.)

Included in these forms are Patient Demographics (where you live, your age, insurance info, etc.) and an Intake Screening, which gives us a glimpse into some of the challenges you’re here to overcome (please know that all information shared is confidential and HIPAA compliant). Again, let us know if you prefer to complete online prior to your initial visit.

Next, we'll get a look at your vitals, do a urinalysis, and then you'll meet with your practitioner for an evaluation. Please know that not everyone is accepted into our program, and that your practitioner will determine if you are a candidate for a Suboxone prescription. (Expect 2-3 hours for your first visit.)

🚦 After you get the green light from your practitioner - if you've never been on Suboxone before - You'll go through an induction to be sure all is OK. Your INDUCTION begins, takes about an hour.

 2  Your Second Visit is for a complete mental health assessment. During this time we'll get into specifics of what you want from counseling and how you want your life to change. You may be asked to check in with your practitioner to be sure that all is going well. (Expect 1-2 hours for your second visit.) After your assessment, our team will have a meeting regarding your care and a treatment plan will be developed.

3   Your treatment plan will include therapy, so your third visit will be for your psycho-educational group (will last for about 90 minutes). These are mandatory and scheduled every other week. Your sessions will include addressing issues and discussing techniques to overcome your presenting problems.  

4   Assignments will be then be given for you to practice the new technique. It's our experience, that if you don't do the work outside of your sessions, you will not see changes in your life and will become frustrated with the counseling process (hence the old adage "Counseling doesn't work for me"). We want you see maximum results - assignments are designed to be fun and life-altering.

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