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Psycho-Educational Groups

Benefits of Group:

☞ No more isolation - others can relate 

☞ Learn how to receive AND give help

☞ A safe place without judgement 

☞ Learn new strategies in a supportive environment

How do Psycho-Educational Groups Work?

The details...

Knowing what to expect when you show up to your first Psycho-Educational Group, will reduce any apprehension you may have.  There will typically be around 10-12 people per group, meeting twice per month, and will last about 90 minutes

✎ Since Mind Redo has a holistic approach (addresses the entire person) we will be focusing on a variety of life’s challenges.  During the first ten minutes or so, you will be presented with educational topics that provide you with understanding of how your life has brought you to this point AND what you can do about it. 

✎ We focus a great deal on positive psychology instead of pathologies (the former = what is right about you, the latter = what is wrong about you). For example, we cover topics such as “how cognitions impact neuroplasticity” (that’s a clinical way of saying that the actual physical matter of your brain changes when you learn new things because you think a different way. (Ha! See what we did there?  Just now you learned new terms “cognitions and neuroplasticity” which immediately affected the neurons in your brain!) 

✎ During the presentation, not only will we cover a new idea, but we will offer a way to actually implement it.  Few things are more frustrating than when someone says “You can change this thing” and then not tell you step by step how to do it! Here is where your assignments kick in. 

✎ Before the group is over, you will be shown how to implement what you just learned. Implementing what you learned will be your assignment to be completed before your next group. Assignments are designed to be fun and full of self-discovery. As you learn how your experiences have altered the way your brain works, you will learn skills and techniques on how to control and change it - hence, a Mind Redo! 

✎ So, After the ten minute educational portion, we will segue into group discussions which may include sharing challenges, insights from the last session’s assignment, or anything else you may need help sorting out. Like anything, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

You've got this!