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Psych-Ed Groups

Let the healing begin!

 A Holistic Approach 

☞ Psycho-Education  

☞ Mindfulness

☞ Cognitive-Behavioral- Therapy 

☞ Positive Psychology

What is Group Therapy?

Your treatment and recovery involves group therapy. Groups are effective because you will be surrounded by others with similar problems, facing the same challenges, and also looking for change. During recovery you'll gain new tools and skills to overcome your addiction, and learn how to use them. Compare it to on the job training - how well you do your job depends greatly on who taught you how to do it. 

Why are Mind Redo groups different?

At Mind Redo - we implement holistic, evidence-based therapeutic modalities based on what is called Psycho-educational groups. 

As the name implies - there are two parts to your therapy - one addresses psychology, and the other offers education. Information is power; armed with information - you will be much more prepared for long-term success.