Ever wonder but are afraid to ask?  


Complete & Total Wellness Because you are a complex multi-faceted person - we address the many layers of you: Medical, Psychological, Physical, Emotional.


LSW or LPC  

$35/Hr  🠋

For a unique and integrated healing experience - we combine the most advanced medical treatment with evidence based therapies and traditional time-honored practices:

Medical - Physical - Mental - Psychological - Emotional - Aesthetics - Aging - Lifestyle

Our goal is to provide you with the most comprehensive care: 

We aren't a subsidiary part of a big chain owned by an impersonal out-of-town corporation.

We're a small clinic in rural Ohio; so we understand how valuable and important your trust in us is - we don't take our relationship with you for granted. If you don't succeed, we don't succeed.

Just one mile/minute from the Ohio Turnpike

I-80/90 Exit 34 (Wauseon St Rt 108)

18 miles West of Toledo Airport Turnpike Entrance

27 Miles east from Bryan

32 Miles NE from Defiance and 15 Miles North of Napoleon